Program Highlights

WCITD 2019 scientific program will cover the latest developments in bariatric/metabolic surgery, novel GI-based interventions for type 2 diabetes, and the role of the gastrointestinal tract in metabolic regulation. Our sessions will stimulate interactive learning, fruitful discussions and future collaborations.

Program highlights include:

◾ State-of-the-art lectures

◾ Panel discussions among clinicians, scientists, and policy makers

◾ Original abstract presentations

◾ Consensus development sessions on guidelines implementation, definition of diabetes remission, standards for surgical innovation

◾ Symposium on roles of the gut in the physiology and pathophysiology of glucose metabolism

◾ Symposium on obesity stigma aimed at developing an agenda of educational initiatives to end discrimination against people with obesity and related diseases

Hear more from the people involved: Francesco Rubino, Philip Schauer, David Cummings and Lee Kaplan.


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