Obesity Stigma Conference

Obesity Stigma Conference

Major scientific organizations team up for a joint consensus conference on Obesity Stigma at WCITD2019.

 Obesity stigma hurts afflicted individuals and the society at large > see here why

 Join us in New York and participate in an unprecedented initiative to address a major stumbling block in the fight against the pandemic of obesity and diabetes.

People with obesity face not only increased risk of serious medical complications but also a pervasive, resilient form of social stigma. Weight bias undermines access to evidence-based treatments, misleads public health policies, confuses messages in popular media and compromises advances in research.

Hence, tackling stigma is not only a matter of social justice but also a way to advance prevention and treatment of obesity and related diseases.

A multidisciplinary group, including obesity researchers, clinicians, advocacy experts and other stakeholders will discuss the gap between scientific evidence and the myths and misconceptions that reinforce stigma.

A draft, joint consensus statement will be presented for input by the audience and the other Faculty of the WCITD. Together we will develop a novel narrative about obesity, coherent with scientific evidence and respectful to the rights of individuals afflicted with this disease.

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